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"I view counseling as a collaborative process ... a partnership.  The client has identified the need for help and has courageously taken the first step of setting up and keeping that first appointment.  My job is to provide a safe, confidential relationship in which they can explore their concerns and hopes, and to help them grow and relate with integrity in their relationships.  It's an amazing relationship, really -- while I am in the designated helping role, I am learning constantly from the insights and courage of my clients."

Clinical Counseling from a Christian Perspective.

Clinical Counseling from a Christian Perspective

Mariana Glass is a licensed professional counselor, offering sound clinical expertise from a Christian worldview and perspective.  Her academic program is accredited in the state of North Carolina, and her field training was supervised by psychologists approved by the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.  Her formal counseling and biblical education was provided by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - Charlotte.

Before entering into any counseling relationship, it is important to understand the value system and training of the counselor.  These values and training will influence the tone, direction and goals of counseling.

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Welcome to the website of Asheville Counseling and Training Services, Inc., a private counseling practice in the north Asheville area of North Carolina.  Mariana R. Glass, M.A., L.P.C. is owner and sole practitioner, and offers clinical expertise from a Christian perspective.